About Us

Daphne Swanepoel Properties’ team of agents offer customers specialised and customised services in the selling and buying of residential, commercial, industrial properties as well as B&B’s, guest houses, hotels. DPS is also intensively involved in the trading of commercial farmland for game, hunting, lodges, livestock, and agronomy. Another part of its portfolio is the rental of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
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Our services:
  • Assisting local, regional, and international investors to find the best investments for their needs;
  • Assisting local, regional, and international companies and organizations by sourcing the most appropriate accommodation for their senior personnel and staff;
  • Assisting tenants to find rental properties suiting their needs and landlords sourcing for trustworthy tenants.
Our approach:
  • Establishing positive, open, and trustworthy relationship with clients – sellers, buyers, landlords, lessees, and investors;
  • Exceeding customer expectations by offering sound advice and service of excellence;
  • Ensuring buyers, tenants and investors offer or pay realistic prices according to current market factors;
  • Ensuring all parties involved a secure, smooth, and worry-free processing of transactions;
  • Assisting buyers with bond applications at financial institutions of their choice;
  • Taking care of the interests of sellers and buyers;
  • Ensuring our estate agents stay abreast with market trends, external market influences, latest knowledge, and techniques on an ongoing basis;
  • Maintaining an objective medium to long-term perspective of the industry.
Special advice, including the following:
  • Improving your home to obtain a better price and a faster sale;
  • Advising you on renovating and improving your property to attract prospective buyers and tenants;
  • Conducting a comparative market evaluation of your property according to current market trends and ensuring an appropriate price.
We undertake to:
  • Ensuring that sellers sign a mandate, with all the correct detail, to kickstart the sales process;
  • Updating sellers on their properties and price tendencies in the market;
  • Taking quality pictures of properties and upload them and particulars onto DSP’s website which is automatically linked with Property24 and MyProperty;
  • Updating the website on a regular basis.
DPS has access to various relevant and professional service providers, including:
  • Legal advice, counselling, and contracts;
  • Insurance products and services;
  • Communication and marketing strategies/services;
  • Construction and renovation services;
  • Home and property cleaning services.
Daphne Swanepoel (CEO/Proprietor)